Famous brand Self-propelled Mobile Scissor Lift Platform GTJZ0808


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Self-propelled electric scissor lift platform:

Max platform height (m) 8.1
Max working height (m) 10.1
Extension outreach (m) 0.9
Turning radius(outside)(m) 2.1
Turning radius (inside)(m) 0
Gradeability(%) 25
Load capacity(kg) 250
Driving speed (stowed) (km/h) 0-3.2
Driving speed(raised) (km/h) 0-0.8
Rising speed(without load) (s) 30-35
Falling speed(without load) (s) 35-40
Allowable wind speed(indoor) (m/s) 0
Allowable wind speed(outdoor) (m/s) /
Allowable slope(front/back)(°) 3
Allowable slope(side/side) (°) 1.5
Platform occupants(indoor) (person) 2
Platform occupants(outdoor) (person) /
Allowable side force(indoor) (N) 400
Allowable side force(outdoor) (N) /
Overall length(stowed) (m) 2.39
Overall width(stowed) (m) 0.81
Height(stowed,guardrail folded) (m) 1.96
Height(stowed,guardrail unfolded) (m) 2.35
Overall height (guardrail fixed) (m) 2.35
Ground clearance (m) 0.1
Wheelbase (m) 1.85
Platform size (L*W*H) (m) 2.25*0.81*1.1
Overall weight (kg) /
Tire (mm) 380*125/solid
Hydraulic oil tank vol. (L) 14
Hydraulic system tank vol. (L) 18
Battery (Ah) 6V*4/225
Control voltage (V DC) 24
Power unit (V DC, KW) 24,3
Drive & steer model (WD) 2, front wheel
Input voltage of charger (V AC) 100-240
Output electricity of charger (A) 25
Hydraulic system pressure (Mpa) 24
Brake 2 rear wheel

Product features:

Power system

*Imported original battery, it can be used for more than 8 hours under general conditions;

*Built in 100-240V wide voltage intelligent charger, and it has battery indicator light of fault diagnosis;

*With the battery and working hour meter, it is easy for the user to notice the battery volume and charge the battery at any time, and users can choose optional configuration of charging while working;

*Imported electrical motor and controller could avoid the current surge and make the machine stable and reliable when lift and move;

*With various advanced technologies, the machine is energy saving and consumption reducing.

Platform and control system

*The platform has very large load capacity and has horizontally extended function, ensure the host has higher working efficiency;

*Both ground control and platform control panel can work, the ground control provides the lifting feature and the platform control panel provides all functions include lifting, turning, walking and so on;

*Controlled by PLC, the machine could perform more accurate for lifting, moving and turning actions;

*Control handle and operation switch are originally imported, they are flexible and durable in using;

*By optimizing the control mode and control procedures, the machine operation is more user-friendly on the premise of the assurance of safety and reliability.

Safety performance

*Equipped with imported level switch, weight sensor and travel switch, controlled by advanced control procedures, the machine is more safety for equipment and workers;

*A safety bar has attached on the prong part of the machine, to guarantee the safety of the serviceman while they repairing the machine.

Moving and turning

*The machine is self-propelled with turning function, 2 wheels drive and 2 wheels steering;

*The hydraulic oil passes over the controlling strobe cube in order to providing the lifting and turning functions;

*Non-trace tires are durable and not easy to scratch the ground, can be skid resistant and prevent stuck by the impurities.

Hydraulic system

*Applied with explosion prevention strobe and emergency drop switch;

*The pressure is stable, without impact, detection error of pressure sensor is smaller.


Additional information

Lift Drive / Actuation

Electric Motor

Model Number


Platform Height





battery 24V

Travel speed


Lifting speed


Platform occupants

2 persons



Hydraulic oil tank vol.


Drive & steer model

2WD, front wheel




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